Byron McCormick, PhD

Dr. McCormick has had a diverse career in bringing advanced technologies to market and running businesses both in the aerospace and automotive fields.
He started his career at Hughes Aircraft as a systems engineer in the Missile Systems Division, while he was getting his MS and PhD degrees at the University of Arizona in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. McCormick then joined Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1974, where he became Deputy Division leader of the Electronics Division. His work there included starting and leading the DoE’s Center for automotive fuel cell development, which developed the PEM fuel cell technology. Today, that technology is being put into hydrogen-fuel cell consumer and commercial vehicles worldwide. His activities also included high temperature, radiation tolerant electron devices as well as various optoelectronic devices and advanced systems and computer security for various government programs.

In 1986, he joined General Motors, Delco Electronics, Delco Systems Operations, an aerospace, defense, advanced automotive Division, as Chief Engineer. Of the many products his teams developed include the C-17 Mission Computer-Electronic Display System incorporating all 17 major avionics subsystems, pilot displays, control software and mission critical and safety systems of the aircraft. He won an Avionics Week Laurels Award for the development of the Carousel Hemispherical Gyro, and led the development of the Magic V 1750 computer chip set which was used in many aircraft and missile systems including: C-17, F-14, F-16, and F-117. Additionally, he oversaw the advanced automotive product development department.

His final task at Delco Systems was a business turn-around assignment as General Director, responsible for 6 business units supplying worldwide markets, both commercial and military, avionics systems and inertial guidance systems (space, military and commercial aircraft) as well as control and computer hardware systems and advanced automotive systems. After successfully completing that task, Dr. McCormick became Chief Engineer at the newly formed GM Vehicle Dynamics-Chassis Center in Detroit, MI, where his team developed and introduced first generation integrated sensor, yaw control and braking systems in a number of GM vehicles. He then formed and became the Managing Director of Delco Propulsion Systems which developed and commercialized integrated electric propulsion systems, subsystems, and components including motors, power electronics, batteries, battery packs , sensors, control systems and charging systems for GM’s EV1 and S-10 electric vehicles as well as for many major automotive and bus OEM’s worldwide. Subsequently, he formed and led GM’s Global Alternative Propulsion Center which was responsible for all aspects of GM’s Hydrogen, fuel cell development activities worldwide as well as leading edge power electronics and advanced motor development.

Dr. McCormick retired from GM in 2008 and has consulted for various governments and corporations globally on sustainable energy initiatives as well as high tech product development and business organizational development through Prepared Minds International.