Our Technology



Detect alcohol levels quickly and non-invasively using near-infrared spectroscopy.



Accurate alcohol test with just the touch of a finger.



Solid state optical technology. No moving parts and no need for calibration.


What we do

TruTouch introduces a new approach to measuring blood alcohol concentration: a touch-based system that spectroscopically measures alcohol in the user’s tissue. The touch-based system analyzes alcohol found beneath the skin’s surface (or more specifically, the blood alcohol content detected in the capillaries).


Measurement begins by shining an infrared light into the user’s skin, similar to a low power flashlight. A portion of the light is reflected back to the skin’s surface, where it is collected by the touch pad. This light contains information on the skin’s unique chemical properties, including the concentration of alcohol.




We are seeking business partners to help translate our technology and to collaborate with us to expand touch-based sensor applications for alternate substances and indications for use.