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TruTouch Technologies Inc. Implements TT2500 Alcohol Deterrence Solution with the Salvation Army

TruTouch Implements TT2500 with Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Central Florida has deployed TruTouch Technologies’ TT2500 alcohol deterrence solution at their Misdemeanor Probation Department located in Ocala, Florida. The TT2500 uses unique, proprietary technology to quickly and accurately measure a person’s blood alcohol level and integrates biometrics with alcohol detection to provide an unsupervised alcohol screening tool.

Sudbury, MA (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

The TT2500 allows participants enrolled in the Parole and Probation program to enter the facility for their routine alcohol screen and complete the test in as little as 15 seconds. The TruTouch technology employs a non-invasive, optically based sensor that uses light through the skin to measure and quantify blood alcohol content while simultaneously verifying user identity with biometrics. This new technology allows criminal justice and workplace facilities to screen for alcohol on a frequent basis, eliminating the harmful effects of alcohol in their facilities. Thus, they are able to create a truly effective alcohol deterrence solution. Through clinical testing and other customer deployments, TruTouch has demonstrated highly accurate and reliable alcohol detection measurements.

Linda Rankin, Director, Salvation Army Correctional Facility Stated:
“The TT2500 has been instrumental in eliminating wait times for our participants by providing alcohol screening results in seconds in a completely self-administered test. This has been a huge asset and time saver for our staff as well. The device is user friendly, has produced accurate results and has truly benefited the rehabilitation of participants in our program.”

The TT2500 has been deployed throughout many facets of the criminal justice market such as work release programs, probation and parole departments and DUI programs. The benefits of the near-infrared sensor include self-administered testing, results in just 15 seconds and TTReportTM, a software platform that provides an up to the minute state of alcohol in an organization.

“We are excited to see the Salvation Army adopt the TT2500 into their Probation Department and look forward to expanding the use throughout other similar locations across the US. The TT2500 is ideal for any organization or company that has a need to implement a robust alcohol deterrence policy across their entire enterprise,” said Bruce Berger, President and CEO of TruTouch Technologies.


TruTouch gets $5M for biometric device that quickly detects blood-alcohol level – Nov 24, 2014

TruTouch gets $5M for biometric device

Sudbury-based TruTouch Technologies recently raised $5.2 million in debt from a variety of investors to expand its customer base for a device that shines light through the skin to quickly detect blood-alcohol level and a person’s identity at safety-sensitive worksites.

TruTouch CEO Bruce Berger, who’s been at the helm for about a year, said the firm has shipped about 50 of the devices to various companies. Berger would not disclose which companies, but said the focus is on the “petrochemicals, construction, transportation, electric utility” industries — any place where the “cost of injury [due to alcohol] is severe.”

TruTouch’s network-enabled device uses optics and light sensing to shine light on a person’s finger to detect the blood-alcohol level in 15 to 20 seconds, Berger said. The device also confirms the identity of a worker using biometric technology.

The company stores biometric profiles on a server that can be accessed by any device. The technology can also analyze different trends happening in a workplace using the data gathered from workers.

For example: “Do I have an issue of alcohol abuse on this particular shift?” Berger said.

In addition to the workplace-focused applications, TruTouch is working with undisclosed automakers, the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the same technology that could be used in vehicles.

“Ultimately, we’ll be able to have a device that can be installed into a car or truck so that before you start the vehicle we can detect biometrically are you supposed to be driving [and your blood-alcohol level)?” Berger said.

The company, which was founded in 2004, has raised $14 million in funding since its inception. The company plans to hire over the next year to ramp up as it expands its technology to the world of the automobile.

TruTouch at 2014 Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference – Nov. 2 – 3

2014 Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health Conference

Monday Morning Break-Out Session 11:45am-12:45pm
Alternative Methods of Drug and Alcohol Testing – Part 1 of 2 Part Session
Sponsored by Preferred Partner OraSure
Annapolis Ballroom
Louis Amoruso, PhD, Spencer Honeyman – TruTouch, Laurie Jantz, Jackie Pirone

September 24 – 27, 2014 Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association Conference

Richmond, VA

May 28 – 30, Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association Conference

Phoenix, Arizona

March 31 – April 1, 2014 National Safety Council Texas Safety Conference & Expo

Galveston, TX

March 16 – 19, 2014 Society of Petroleum Engineers International

SPE International Conference on Health, Safety, and the Environment
Long Beach, CA

NHTSA: Auto Technology Targets Drunk Driving – August, 2013

Detroit News

WASHINGTON — The head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urged the auto industry to continue supporting research on technology advances that could end most drunken driving.

NHTSA Chief David Strickland wrote the CEOs of major automakers on Aug. 8 telling them that the research backed by automakers and the federal government to develop an in-vehicle system that could prevent drunken drivers from starting a car shows great promise. He thanked those who are helping fund the project — including Detroit’s Big Three automakers — and urged them to keep supporting the project and asked others to join the effort.

The group is working with two auto suppliers with different approaches that “are shown to be very, very effective,” Strickland said at a speech last week. “We probably have another five years of work to go,” Strickland said, before it’s possible one of these cars could be on the roads. “It will be available as an option by manufacturers, and I think it’s a real way forward.”

The research has been ongoing since 2008. Congress approved $5.3 million for this budget year for alcohol detection research; Congress has authorized slightly more for the budget year that starts Oct. 1.

“A tangible result of that work will be demonstrated later this year, when a research vehicle including both touch-based and breath-based detection technologies is available for further evaluation,” he wrote. “I have referred to it as a ‘moonshot’ for traffic safety with initially long odds but the potential for dramatically powerful results if we are successful.”

Strickland noted that about 10,000 people are killed each year as a result of drunken driving; tens of thousands more are injured.

The industry is helping to fund the project through the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety. NHTSA staff and the group are currently working on a new agreement for the next phase.

Safety advocates praise the project. “The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety technology has the potential to eliminate drunk driving in America,” said MADD National President Jan Withers.

TruTouch announces International distribution agreements

Framingham, MA May 21st, 2013 — TruTouch Technologies, Inc. today announced that they have signed several international distribution agreements to market TruTouch’s rapid optical alcohol detection and biometric. Specifically – the following distributors in their respective countries are now commercializing the TruTouch solution; Asist Ic ve Dis Ticaret A.S (Turkey), Business Incubation (Scandinavia and Middle East), B.S.N. Srl (Italy). CMM Tech (Australia), Drug Detection International (South Africa), Global Safety Group (Kazakhstan), Nal Von Minden (Germany), Now Group (UK, Ireland, Benelux), SIMS-2 (Russia) and TD Norte (Mexico).

Feb 28, 2013

Psychemedics and TruTouch announce distribution agreement
Acton & Framingham, MA February 28, 2013 — Psychemedics Corporation, (NASDAQ: PMD) and TruTouch Technologies, Inc. today announced that they have signed an agreement to market TruTouch’s rapid optical alcohol detection and biometric test in the US. The workplace sobriety assurance solution utilizes an optical based, non-invasive near infra red sensor that quickly and accurately measures alcohol consumption. This is simply done by placing the index finger on the optical sensor and waiting as few as 10 seconds for the initial results.

2012 Nov 29

TruTouch Technologies to Exhibit at OSHA Oil & Gas Safety Conference in Dallas
TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive workplace sobriety assurance systems, will be at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Oil & Gas Safety Conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference, which takes place December 4 and 5 at the Sheraton Hotel, brings together key oil and gas safety professionals and regulatory representatives. At the conference, TruTouch will be demonstrating the TruTouch 2500, a safe and non-invasive optical sensor that quickly and accurately measures alcohol intoxication while simultaneously verifying user identity.

2012 Oct 30

TruTouch Technologies Plans Move to Bay State
TruTouch Technologies, a privately held company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico plans to move its headquarters to Framingham, Mass., the company told Mass High Tech.

2012 Oct 15

TruTouch Technologies Signs Clinical Trial with Lovelace
TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive alcohol intoxication and biometric measurement systems, today announced that it has signed a Clinical Trial agreement for the next generation of the Company’s alcohol screening device with Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) and Lovelace Scientific Resources (LSR) , an Albuquerque, NM-based, FDA-approved contract research organization.

2012 Oct 1

TruTouch Technologies Announces Next-Generation Alcohol Intoxication Detection System
TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive workplace sobriety assurance systems, unveiled the latest technology to detect and deter alcohol abuse in the workplace. The device, called TruTouch 2500, will be unveiled this month at the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association’s (SAPAA) Annual Conference in San Diego, Calif. The TruTouch 2500 is a non-invasive sensor that quickly and accurately measures alcohol intoxication, and also has the option to simultaneously verify user identity using light through the skin.

2012 June 12th

TruTouch Technologies Signs Manufacturing Agreement with Vergent Products for Touch-Based Intoxication Detection Device
TruTouch Technologies announces a signed manufacturing agreement for the next generation of the Company’s touch-based intoxication detection device with Vergent Products, a Colorado-based, QSR/cGMP compliant contract manufacturing firm.

2012 May 8th

TruTouch Technologies Names David Desrochers as Chief Financial Officer
TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive alcohol intoxication and biometric measurement systems, recently named David Desrochers as the Chief Financial Officer.

2012 April 5th

Automotive News TV: A key to sober driving?
TruTouch Technologies’ alchohol detection system prevents drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

2012 February 7th

TruTouch Technologies Closes $3M B Round Financing with the iTulip Community as Lead
Pioneer in non-invasive biometric intoxication detection systems secures Financing that enables contract manufacturing & sales & marketing of its alcohol intoxication & biometric devices to build revenues.

2012 January 3rd

TruTouch Technologies US Patent Issues
Pioneer in non-invasive biometric intoxication detection systems secures US Patent that protects the use of its novel spectroscopy-based alcohol detection technology in automobiles and heavy machinery.

2011 December 20th

TruTouch Technologies Commercializes Automotive Solution
Pioneer in non-invasive biometric intoxication detection systems secures deals that enable the commercial development of its novel spectroscopy-based alcohol detection technology in automobiles.

2011 April 26th

TruTouch Technologies Names Oscar Lazaro as Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnering
TruTouch names veteran life sciences executive to top posts as it embarks on revenue drive.

2011 January 25th

TruTouch Technologies Publishes Successful Development Milestone in the Journal of Biomedical Optics
TruTouch presents peer reviewed clinical results of their new finger-based alcohol measurement system.

2011 January 12th

TruTouch Technologies and TK Holdings Ink Partnership
TruTouch announces partnership with Tier 1 Automotive Supplier to develop noninvasive alcohol sensor for Automotive Solution.

2011 January 11th

TruTouch Technologies Closes Expanded A-1 $2.1 Million Funding Round
TruTouch secures additional capital for further device development and commercialization.

2010 December 26th

Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) TruTouch Interview (mp3)
Richard Gill discusses the TruTouch Technology and Value Proposition.

2010 November 4th

TruTouch Technologies Secures $244,479 Federal Grant
TruTouch secures grant to develop noninvasive alcohol diagnostics for emergency care facilities.

2010 October 11th

TruTouch Technologies Secures $438,000 Federal Grant
TruTouch secures grant to accelerate next-generation technology development.

2010 January 20th

TruTouch Technologies Announces Successful Clinical Testing of Next-Generation Finger-Touch Intoxication Detection System
TruTouch tests newest product in collaboration with Lovelace Scientific Resources.

2009 September 29th

TruTouch Technologies Names Dr. Richard D. Gill as President and Chief Executive Officer
TruTouch names veteran life sciences executive to top posts as it embarks on funding drive.

2009 August 19th

Star Wars meets Drunk Driving
TruTouch’s technology was recognized at the latest Traffic Safety Summit as a leading contender in the quest for a system capable of eliminating drunk driving.

2009 July 27th

TruTouch Wins International Competiton for DADSS Program Funding
TruTouch wins Funding from NHTSA / ACTS Coalition to develop a Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety.

2006 December

TIME Magizine article: Best Inventions of the Year
Identifying drunk drivers could get a lot quicker and easier after a new infrared alcohol test–developed by an Albuquerque, N.M., start-up–is launched next year.

2006 April 28th

USA Today article on Automotive Interlocks
Could the day be coming when every driver is checked for drinking before starting a car?