TruTouch Technologies Board of Directors

Sonny Tahiliani

MacroMoves, Inc.

Mr. Tahiliani is currently an independent buy-side equity research analyst. He evaluates investment ideas via fundamental value analysis, due diligence of business models and assessment of management for small, mid-cap and large capitalization companies. He serves multiple commodity equity funds (in metals/mining, oil/gas, agriculture) for a well-known global strategist at a major bank. Previously he co-founded Technology Software LLC, a firm focused on aviation electronics software & systems product development, test, and certification efforts to meet FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) embedded device airworthiness standards. Additionally, he built a subsidiary business related to recruiting & staffing solutions serving mid to large aerospace firms.

He is an active private equity investor, and originally conceived the expansion of private Canadian physiotherapy & rehabilitation company pt Health, which management subsequently grew from 25 clinics / 300 employees to 120 clinics / 1,600 employees over five years, and which was recently acquired by a publicly listed UK company. Mr. Tahiliani holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, and a Master of Arts in History.